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How Colors Effect Our Emotions?

One of the most interesting things to me is how colors effect the way we think and feel.They effect us whether we are aware of it or not. Some colors effect us more then others but they all have their own individual properties that effect the way people feel.

All colors don't effect all people in the same ways, however, there have been extensive studies done that show how colors effect the majority of people in the same ways. As with all rules, there are exceptions, but to ignore the power of colors would be to ignore an essential element of a good website design.

Another extremely important element to colors is not only the properties or emotions each color conjures up in each of us, but also how combinations of colors make people feel. And to further complicate your perfect color selection you also have to be concerned with the fact that people have to be able to read your content or the most beautiful color in the world will be for nothing. No matter how important the content on your site may be to someone, if they can't read it due to bad color selection they will leave in search of another site to serve their needs.

Here are only a few colors and what emotions have been shown to be raised with each.

Green jealousy, good luck, and harmony
Blue calming, peaceful and builds trust
Red color of action, anger, Love, impulse and impatient
Purple nobility, spirituality and creativity, passion
White pure color, innocent and clean
Black serious, mysterious, mournful and lifeless
Yellow happy, cheerful and joy
Orange positive, enthusiastic and warmth

People believe you can even see colors in music, one thing is for sure though, colors cause a physical and emotional reaction in each of us. Colors can cause headaches, sickness, relaxation, pleasure, tension, passion, peacefulness or irritation.

There are literally hundreds of sites dedicated to the research and insight into colors and the reactions they cause in the people viewing them. We'd suggest that you do as much research into this area of your website as you can stand as in the long run it will pay off in sales or return visits to your site.

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