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Flesh Eating Spiders And Other Marketing Horrors

After a friend was bitten by a spider, I decided to do some research to find out more about the spider.

I came across a website that decided to create a marketing message that focused on fear based selling and over the top lies.

To emphasize the fear based factor, the website was illustrated with pictures of spider bite 'victims' that had huge holes in their skin from where the small spider bite supposedly turned into a flesh eating monster.

One photograph caption went way over the top by stating that the victim of a horrific spider bite on the leg resulted in the victim having their leg amputated.

The business owners then went on to state that if the victim would have bought their product, this never would have happened.And if you purchase their product it will not happen to you.

This business chose to base their marketing on deceit and lies to sell their product. Even worse, they valued profit more than people.

They chose to paint a horrific picture with their marketing message in an attempt to scare up customers.

What picture does your marketing message paint for prospects?


Or does it say: "Here is how I can help you solve your problems"

Long after they have forgotten your marketing message or what your business is about, your prospects will rememberhow you made them feel.

How do you want to be remembered?

As a business willing to make a profit at any cost, including sacrificing the best interest of your clients?

Or as a business that always operates from integrity, with a focus on providing the best solutions for your clients?

Whatever method you choose, remember that the picture you paint for your clients will remain in their memory long after all of the other memories of your business fades.

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