Marketing Information

Marketing Information

Packaging Trends You Cannot Overlook (Part #2)

Part #26) Food safety is becoming paramount.What this means to you: No longer are the words tampering and bio terrorism buzz phrases.

Why You Buy, Part Two

More of the findings of the recent studies in behavioral economics:Webers LawA change of stimulus is more emotional and motivational, according to the base: Most subjects tested would drive across town to save $10 on a $20 item, for example, but not to save $10 on a $500 item. The lesson for sales people? If you won't lose a sale on a thousand-dollar couch over $10, sell the other benefits of the couch in your sales pitch.

Marketing Planning Made Simple - Another Small Business Power Tool

Marketing planning must be really difficult and complex, otherwise why would there be so many books written on the subject ? right?Well, I'm just enough of a skeptic to believe that many of these books were designed more to make money for their publishers and authors than to make marketing planning simple and understandable.I spent more than 30 years working with very successful small business people who never wrote a single marketing plan.

What's Next? A Guide to Marketing Your New Business

Coming up with an idea, seizing the opportunity, and setting up a business was the relatively easy part. Now you are ready for the challenge of finding your customers, or at least make it easy for your customers to find you.

Big Ticket Marketing in 28 Minutes

I read an article recently about how many mainstream retail companies are using the standard 28 minute infomercial to moreeffectively target customers and sell their products.Now, I have to confess, I have never used an infomercial to market a Big Ticket product.

Simple Marketing Idea - Big Marketing Results!

Have you ever noticed how many times it's the simplest concepts that end up working the best?The same is so true when it comes to marketing. I'm constantly amazed at just how powerful some of the simplest concepts are.

Marketing Plans... A Simple Approach To Get Off The Marketing Roller Coaster

Are You Riding The Marketing Roller Coaster?If you're like many of the small business owners or independent professionals I meet, then running and marketing your business can be like riding on a roller coaster. I'm picturing a roller coaster that mostly goes up and down as opposed to one that flips you upside-down or sends you around backwards.

Using Alternative Media to Generate More Customers

Last week I received a very nice thank you gift from a friend of mine, Eric Ruth, who is arguably the number one marketing coach to the personal fitness trainer industry.Eric, asked if he could interview me about a specific topic and I agreed.

Resistances To Marketing a Practice-Part 1

If you are a therapist, counselor, or an alternative or complementary health practitioner (naturopath, homeopathetic doctor, massage therapist, body worker, etc.), in all likelihood, you are not only uninformed about effective marketing methods, but you are also likely to have some negative feelings about self promotion and marketing.

Profitable Marketing Programs Part 2: Figuring Break Even Point

In Part 1 -- http://www.websitemarketingplan.

Client or Customer? There Really Is A Difference

Some people use the words "client" and "customer" interchangeably or generically. I'd like you to think a little about these important words because there is a significant difference - one that can have huge impact upon your long-term business.

6 Simple Ways to Determine Which Marketing Ideas Are Best for Your Business

Did something catch your eye in a direct mailing this past week? Have you recently gone to a website and encountered something entirely new that caught your attention? Did a friend of yours try out a new marketing idea and generate a few thousand dollars of extra business overnight?As a small business owner, it's all too easy to get caught up in the hype of new marketing techniques that promise quick rewards for little cash. I'll even admit that we copywriters are trained to overcome your psychological objections to buying what we're selling so that you're ready to whip out your wallet right then and there.

Marketing Discipline and the Joy of Success

Discipline Is Important.I recently read an article about why discipline is important to a marketer.

The Most Powerful Marketing Strategy Available To Small Businesses

Most small business owners want to generate huge profits, with little effort and in the least amount of time. If you fall into this category then joint venture marketing is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to do that.

The Five Most Common Joint Venture Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Joint Venture marketing has become a highly popular way for small businesses to maximize their profits. When two or more businesses combine their resources synergistically, it creates greater marketing impact and bigger profits than either can have alone.

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