Marketing Information

Marketing Information

Successful Surveys: 10 Tips for Better Results

Why would you use an email or online survey when you could simply call your clients and customers and ask for their input?Lots of reasons.- standardization- easy to get large numbers of responses- easy to tabulate, analyze- easy (and often fun) for your clients and customers- inexpensive- non-intrusive- time-efficient (for you, and for your clients and customers)- protect your customers' anonymity (if important)- professional- no "cold calls"- no answering machines!And have you figured out how long it would take to have 100 fifteen-minute conversations instead? (I don't have to do the math to know that it's WAY too long!)So in this article, I'm going to talk surveys.

Marketing Ideas Without Action Will Get You Nowhere!

Marketing Ideas Without Action Get You NowhereYou want to grow your small business, but how do you do that? Many of the small businesses I work with are not really sure what works best, or how, or where to get started.We're all familiar with the term Marketing, but what in the heck is it really supposed to do for us?* Build brand awareness* Build name recognition* Increase market share* Get more clients* Generate referrals* Create more repeat businessMaybe you've tried some things in the past like brochures, yellow pages advertising, Chamber of Commerce networking but were disappointed with the results so you stopped doing them.

How Do You Get Past The Gatekeeper?

The best joint ventures are with people in your own network - those that already know, like and trust you. However, there's nothing to stop you from partnering with "cold" contacts - those you've never associated with before, and you would therefore need to build a relationship with.

Five Most Common Mistaken Beliefs About Joint Venture Marketing

Apart from being the fastest, easiest, and most profitable strategy for attracting clients and boosting profits in any small business, there are so many other advantages of joint venture marketing for all parties involved. So, why aren't all small business owners implementing joint ventures?Here's a partial list of the most common mistaken beliefs about joint venture marketing.

Five Joint Venture Marketing Skills A Small Business Owner Must Have

Joint venture marketing is a lucrative way of leveraging the assets of two or more businesses. It is the fastest way for businesses to achieve certain business goals and benefit their clients at the same time.

Creating a Marketing Timeline That Works: 17 Simple Ideas for Marketing Your Small Business

"Goals are dreams with deadlines." -Diana Scharf HuntWhen clients come to me for marketing help, the first thing I ask is, "What's your plan?" If I'm greeted with a blank stare, then I know we have work to do!In order to set up a great marketing strategy, you need to write it out in black and white.

30-Minute Marketing

Marketing your small business takes tons of time, years of experience, and lots of money, right? WRONG! Anyone can learn effective marketing techniques that are simple, inexpensive, and best of all, quick! This summer, get in the habit of regularly marketing your biz! The following are some marketing techniques that you can accomplish in 30 minutes or less. Pick a few that appeal to your style.

Top 5 Design Tips to Create Eye-Catching Marketing Materials

Great graphic design looks effortless, but it requires lots of attention to details. Think back to an eye-catching advertisement, publication, or flyer you saw recently.

Creative Marketing: Just Your Style

You've enlisted some of the traditional marketing methods to sell your services: you received some publicity in your local paper; your website is up and running; and you're listed in the Yellow Pages. So why isn't the phone ringing off the hook? Maybe you're marketing strategies need to get more creative!Creative marketing will allow you to attract new clients, as well as remind past clients that you're still around.

The Marketing Plan and the Four P's

The Marketing Plan section of the business plan demonstrates how a company will penetrate the market with its products and services. The Marketing Plan should include "the four P's" - Product, Promotions, Price, and Place.

Making the Intangible Real

How do you make the intangible real? How do you take an idea or concept, something that can't be seen or touched, and convey its essence to others, quickly and easily?That challenge faces many of us in this age of information and knowledge marketing. In advertising and other marketing communications, we have to convince prospects to respond to words and ideas.

Do You Really Know Your Prospect?

I'd like to introduce you to someone. I don't actually know his name, but I'm hoping you do.

The Power Of A Story

If you want your marketing to be effective, you absolutely must connect emotionally with your prospects. And one of the best ways to do that is by telling a story.

Is It Time To Revisit Your Marketing Strategy?

Small & Mid Sized Business owners, have you revisited your marketing strategy lately? Your Marketing ROI? Some of you have spent this past year just trying to get by-maintaining the web site, sending out occasional press releases, attending various networking events. Yes, you've endured our slow-to-grow economy, but how far have you deviated from your marketing strategy in order to survive? And to correct your approach, what new marketing programs should you add and what should you do first?Simplify what seems like an overwhelming task by asking the following questions:1.

Direct Mail Marketing Generates Sales Leads: Heres How

1. PersonalUnlike an advertisement in a trade publication, which can be read by anyone, your sales letter arrives at your prospect's place of business as a piece of personal communication from your mind to his.

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